Did you know we have a calender feature on the site ?
It shows all events coming up as soon as we know about it! :)

Did you know you as you raise in the ranks in the kinship you get further permissions on the site ?

  • As Recruit you are able to see and join pre-announced MYTH led raids and fellowships events
  • As Member you are able to see and join pre-announced ERA led raids and fellowship events
  • As Officer you are able to pre-announce MYTH raids and fellowship events
  • As Recruit Officer you are able to invite new people to the kinship accordingly to the kinship recruit policy

Did you know you can contribute to the kinship growing ?
As a recruit in MYTH we would love it if you recommend your friends and fellows to join MYTH. The normal
recruit policy apply.

Did you know we're actively searching for new members ?
We look forward to the day we can have a MYTH only raid in The Rift and Helegrod. Until then we actively search for new member for our family!

Did you know MYTH is part of the E.R.A. ?
E.R.A. stands for Eldar Raiding Alliance.
It is a group of people that love to raid or simply wish to raid. Sometimes there are other events run under the ERA flag - like runs throw Carn Dûm. We've been members of ERA for quite some time.
If you wish to join a Raid under the ERA flag there and some requirements you have to full fill.
We've desided you have to be a MYTH Member to join these raids just because we need to know you fill the nessesary requirements that will be put on you. You also need to fulfill the rules of E.R.A found on the link below.
E.R.A and MYTH raid requirements.

Did you know that most information about MYTH can be found here?
Well really, the website is where you can find out almost anything about MYTH, what we do and when we do it.
Part of being a MYTH member is to stay tuned and know about stuff we do all the time.
Going on raids is only part of it all. We do low level quests to help our kinsmen, we do "deed run's" to help kinsmen and so on.
If you don't check the website on a daily basis you'll miss out on a lot of information.
We have a forum on the site, and we've integrated it into the site so you'll have all the information as easy as possible.

Did you know that you can always ask a high level for help in MYTH?
We are trying to grow, to get more high levels and to become a tight group.
But if we don't help each other that will never happen.
Therefore we have a rule in MYTH, if a lower level asks for help on a hard quest or quest chain that he/she has been trying to get a fellowship for and failed, we will help if we are not occupied elsewhere.

You can always ask, worst that can happen is that we all say no,
because we are busy.

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