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We are currently looking for new members of the following classes:


+ To be allowed to join MYTH you have to be 16+ and have a character in LOTRO that is at least level 20.
    (Sometimes we will invite players that are of lower level but that is "case by case" and can't be expected in any way).

+ All members are expected to register on the website, failure to do so, will not be accepted as an excuse for failure to abide by any Kinship rules.

+ Officers MUST register on the website and be aware of the code of conduct and rules associated with the kinship. Any officer failing to register on the website within 1 week of receiveing the officer position will be removed as an officer.

+ No member will ever deny another member to craft anything for another member if the member asking brings the ingredients. (Unless busy in questing/raiding). Remeber we are here to help each other.

+ Any member that get complaints on themselves from other members about not helping out in time of need get a rebuke from an officer. If they fail to better them self and get more complaints an "official" warning will be given. If following a warning they still fail to better them self they will be expelled from the Kinship!

+ MYTH does not take any stand in politics nor in philosophical questions. The members will not be tolerated if they are found to be racist, sexist or offensive in general. Rasistic, sexistic and religius jokes are not allowed, failure to follow these easy to follow rules can get you expelled from the kinship if it's repeated after being ordered to stop this behavior.

+ Lower level members that get help from higher level members are sworn to listen to the "older siblings" and learn from the experience, not "play their own game" and hope the high level will save them. Older age (RL) does not necessarily mean you know the game better. Higher level mean you know the game and low level members should take heed of advice from more experienced players.

+ MYTH takes no part in players buying their characters nor in gold buying or gold selling. MYTH also are against bought power leveling or any such activities. Any member found to take part in such activities will be expelled without further warning!!

+ Members don't sell things to other members. "Self cost" or "give away" is the policy. Since if you don't need it and someone else does you give it to them, the next time they have something they don't need that you do and they give it to you.. All happy and no one need to buy gold.

Further rules to be added shortly. This is not a dictatorship so I would be interested in hearing the oppinions of our membership, as to exactly how they expect others to behave and to suggest rules of conduct that they think will benefit the Kinship as it goes forward.

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