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If the leader of a party is a MYTH, then the following loot Rules should be followed -

+ Players will roll only for the character they are playing and NO other. There will be NO rolling for alts or friends and family characters.

+ Concerning Legendary Books and Pages. Players will roll
NEED only for those books or pages that relate to the character they are playing at that time! As with all other loot rolls, the player should GREED , if no member of the party has a use for a given drop; Or PASS if there is a member of the team who can use the Legendary drop. If a member of the party is available who can use the page, however they have already acquired it, then the entire team should roll GREED and let the best man win.

+ Armour, weapons and Utensils. Players should roll NEED only for items that will benefit the character, ie NEED to equip or NEED to use. NEED to sell is unacceptable.

+ Crafting resources. Again players should only roll NEED if they require the resource to advance a certain level of crafting skill, or if they need the resources to make consumables. Eg Food, potions, tokens etc. If the craft resource is not required and will be used only to make items for sale, then GREED should be rolled

+ Recipes. Rolling NEED should only be for those recipes which you do not already have, this is fine even if you can not use them yet and will store them in the bank or bags until the neccessary experience to use them is gained. However if you already have a recipe inscribed, it is expected that a player will GREED or PASS on that recipe, unless it is a rare one shot.

+ If in doubt at any time consider everything else to be GREED Should a member of the party fail to adhere to these rules, kick them out. If it is a MYTH member report their actions in the forums to an officer via PM. Failure to adhere to these rules after a warning is given, will result in the offender being removed as a kinsman!

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